Light and dark roast

This morning I’m comparing our Colombian Supremo Medellin in both a light and a dark roast. Light is on the left, it has a hint of tart cherry. The dark gives more of a roast flavor. Amazing what a few seconds difference in the roasting accomplishes.

Vacuum Pot

This is my vacuum pot brewing this mornings coffee, Sumatra Gayo Organic Fair Trade. When the water raises to the top I add the coffee, steep it 3 minutes and then remove it from the heat. A vacuum forms and the coffee is pulled through the grounds. The taste? Deep, rich and satisfying.

Columbian Supremo.

This mornings cup of coffee is Colombian Supremo Medellin. Roasted light yesterday, brewed in my vacuum pot, ground at a setting of 20 out of 40 in my burr grinder, steeped for 3 minutes. Details just don’t do the taste justice.