Sumatra Bergendal Gayo

The wet-hulled process gives Sumatra its signature intense earthy flavors of cedar and tobacco, as well as rich, sweet chocolate.

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The Bergendal name was given by the Dutch people during their 350-year colonization of Indonesia. The local people called this coffee tree Simpang Teritit coffee. This coffee became better known after Indonesia gained its independence. The meaning of the word is “cloud and valley” according to the people in Gayo. However, according to the Dutch language it means “mountain and valley”. Bergendal coffee is well known because this type of coffee was the first grown in the Gayo region. Abyssinia 3 is the varietal that was brought by a Dutch plant researcher in 1928 from Ethiopia seed stock. Originally it was planted in Java, but has made its way to Aceh Tengah. The Abyssinia tree has both tall and wide forms, and they also are very slow in productivity. This varietal has a large and somewhat elongated bean form. Bergendal is also a shade grown coffee. A bright clean cup with the aroma of fresh flowers and notes of cherry, chocolate, walnut, white grape, and vanilla.

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